Front End

An HTML Email, a landing page, an entire website, or a custom WordPress theme, hand coded from scratch to bring your design to life on the web. Mobile-first, responsive pages, SEO optimized, clean code completed in a timely and professional manner.


CSS animations or more complex JavaScript animations bring a webpage to life and help capture the user's attention. Want to add a little sparkle that'll make your page stand out? Let's do it!

Back End

WordPress site set up and custom theme creation, complete with widgets and custom post types for whatever your particular needs are! With a powerful CMS, the options are endless!


Experience My Work

Since these are not my designs, it didn't seem right to include a only simple screenshot. The part I do is bringing the design to life! However, to protect the privacy of the owners of some of these projects, the full experience is password protected. If you want to see code samples or these full sites in all their glory, please contact me!

New Product Launch

This fun site introduced a new product with catchy animated graphics. I used JavaScript and the GreenSock animation library to create these timelines and make the magic happen!

Informational Microsite for Distributors

Another product launch, filled with bright colors and animations as exciting as the product! From animations that follow mouse movement, a rotating 3d model, and animated counters to keep things interesting, this site is sure to catch the user's attention!

Rebranding a Product for a New Audience

This project makes use of movement to draw interest. With one page with embedded videos, another page with rotating 3d Models of the product, and other pages with tabs for clicking through to engage the user, this site is sure to draw the user in!

Responsive HTML Email Template

This is an html email, thoroughly tested in Litmus to appear just like it should in every browser and on device. The mobile version is responsive to fill the available space, the desktop version is a fixed width to maintain a layout consistent with the design and brand standards.

Product Relaunch

This site draws the user in with it's unique 3 column layout, bright colors, and jQuery powered video player, which allows the user to choose between different video clips to view in the larger player.

HTML Email Sure to Render in Every Inbox

A live text html email sent to their customer list, this one had a responsive mobile design and a desktop design, and both were tested to perfection using Email on Acid.

A Sales Funnel Landing Page

A single page site designed with one purpose in mind. As the user navigates down the page, a fun parallax effect adds interest.

Bullet Proof HTML Email

An email sent to their customer list, this one had a responsive mobile design and a static desktop design, and both were tested to perfection using Email on Acid.

Looking for more?

If you would like to see more examples of my work please contact me. I would be happy to provide them!

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Avid developer, and so much more!

I love coding, bringing a client or a designer's vision to life! There is something about the process of listening to the vision for a website, and then finding the right technologies to make it happen that I find very fulfilling. I also love learning new ways of making magic happen, through learning new programming languages, experimenting with new libraries and frameworks, or trying out a new CMS! I'm constantly building my skillset, and would be happy to learn any new skills I need to complete a project.

When I'm not coding away, I enjoy hiking with my dog, a mutt named Tanner. I also love riding my horse, especially either practicing our dressage moves or exploring some trails. I'm an avid reader, and a history nerd. Want to hear more? Just ask!


Put my ever-expanding skillset to work for you!


HTML CSS HTML Email JavaScript WordPress/PHP


GreenSock Animation Platform jQuery Sass Bootstrap


React Salesforce

Need me to work with something I haven't done yet? No problem! Contact me, it may be something I've played with already and just haven't found the right application for yet!


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