Ride Guide

Ride Guide Website

This is my personal hobby project site, inspired by my Dressage Fundamentals blog. It is going to be a full tutorial site with an mobile app to go with it. I’ve started setting it up by creating a child theme of WordPress 2012 theme and adding a few plug-ins including bbPress to manage the forums, BuddyPress to manage the user profile pages and messaging features, and LifterLMS to organize the tutorial contents into course tracks and add some cool features that go along with completing courses (like getting certificates and unlocking the next level), as well as integrating some security features and payment/membership options.

This site has been a LOT of fun to work on because it’s a more involved site as far as size and functionality, and it’s also content that is really fun for me to produce.  Since I’ve been focused on the functionality and content, I haven’t done a whole lot of the design part of it yet, and at some point I’ll probably have to find a designer who’s interested in taking on that part just due to the scope of this project.  I have a lot of ideas for directions this project could go and features it could include, so it will be fun to watch it evolve over the next few years, and I hope I’m able to continually find a little free time here and there to keep adding to it!

So far, this project has used:

  • HTML
  • CSS/Sass
  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • WordPress

Check it out at: http://dressagefundamentals.com/rideguide (As of now, none of the payment options are functional so go ahead and choose a membership if you want so you can view the site, I won’t add any restrictions until there is enough content to warrant doing so!)