N.C. Mine Photography


For this site, it was important to the client to be able to update the site herself frequently after the initial setup. She also wanted the site to be live very quickly, and she needed it done on a small budget. To accommodate these needs, we decided it would be best to customize an existing WordPress theme since she wasn’t too picky about how it looked as long as it had dark colors to really make her photographs stand out. I found a theme and set up the site for her, gave her a few categories to use to create different post types and galleries, and got the first few sets of images up so she had some content immediately, and something to reference when she went to make her own galleries in the future. We had the site live just a few days after initially discussing it!

For this site I used:

  • WordPress as a CMS
  • HTML
  • CSS

You can view the current live site at: http://ncminephotography.com/