About Me

I love coding, and I’m continually developing my skill set by learning new languages and frameworks.  I work mostly with HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, and WordPress/PHP. The frameworks I use most often are jQuery and Bootstrap.

My in-progress skills are NodeJS and ReactJS.  I regularly dedicate time to improving my skills and learning new ones. I’m currently working my way through all the tutorials on the Code School website.

My formal education consists of two degrees from the University of Illinois, Psychology and Sociology, which I completed in 2003.

When I’m not coding, I enjoy riding my horses, playing with my dogs, working in my garden, and watching nerdy history shows.  The big picture on the home page is not a stock photo, I took that one from in the saddle on a trail ride in a beautiful local forest preserve.  Both of my horses are off-track thoroughbreds that I have trained to jump, trail ride, and do dressage. My big long-term goal is to compete Remy in upper level dressage competitions!

I’m also a writer/blogger, and I enjoy teaching. My personal hobby-project is an educational site about training horses that began as a blog and that I am now developing into a tutorial site.  This site, Dressage Fundamentals, also has a decent social media following and has been really fun for me to experiment with different social media marketing tactics, search engine optimization (SEO), and mailing list building. It also runs Google Analytics.

I am available for freelance work, and I would love to find the perfect part-time, contract, or full time position at a laid-back company working with like-minded people.

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Riding my thoroughbred, Remy, at a show.

Riding my thoroughbred, Remy, at a show!