Developer Culture: Sharing and Giving Back

I’ve been doing website stuff on and off for practically forever (I mean, literally, I made my first website using Front Page back in 2000…), but it’s only been about a year since I decided I wanted to make a career of it. At that point, I decided to get really serious about learning all the newest web languages and frameworks so I could code cutting-edge sites, and to accomplish that I dove head first into the myriad of online tutorials there are widely available.

Now looking back, it is absolutely incredible how much I’ve learned the past year, and I discovered something pleasantly surprising and refreshing about the developer community… it is a wonderful group of people who freely share information and help each other out. It is a diverse community, it is an open and welcoming community, and it is a really fun group of people to spend time with.  The cultural norm seems to be giving back by helping newbies get started, which starts that cycle over yet again.

Whether it’s a program like Free Code Camp, a completely free online tutorial series that takes the newbie from HTML and CSS through Bootstrap, JavaScript, and into the back-end with Node and MongoDB (did I mention, all for FREE – I can’t recommend it enough!!), or a site like Stack Overflow, where developers of all types come together to answer each other’s questions and help each other out, the coder-world is full of individuals sharing information freely and putting hours of time and effort into publishing information, creating tutorials, or answering questions for a stranger.

So for the past year I’ve been gratefully reading posts, watching tutorials, and asking questions… and now it’s time to start giving some of that back. So I’ve made myself my own little corner of the web here where I can share things I’ve learned and maybe help someone else out with a coding challenge they are searching for answers to.

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