Dressage Fundamentals


This is a site I made with the WordPress Nirvana theme and some light customizing. I also created all the content on this site, and it has become my playground for experimenting with and learning more about SEO and social media marketing. I’ve used this site to create an email subscriber list and Facebook following, and use some PPV and PPC advertising. It’s running Google Adsense, as well as Google Analytics. On its best day, it had over 8,000 hits, and the most popular article has over 67,000 views and 10k shares on Facebook.

This site has been a lot of fun for me, and I’m looking forward to writing a custom theme for it to give me even more flexibility to experiment with different techniques, and I’m working on a companion site for it that contains members-only tutorial content.

You can view the live site at http://dressagefundamentals.com/